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Teacher Training

Why Advanced Yoga Training is Important

There are several important reasons to advance your training.


Whether you want to be a yoga teacher or not, advanced training is an opportunity to focus your practice and teaching in the direction that best supports your purpose and your life’s direction. You’ve already come so far and done so much. This training is about the alchemy that happens when all you have done integrates into what is next for your life so that your gifts are fully realized. It is about preparing you with the resiliency you need – we all need – for our ever changing experience and our complicated world. 


From a practical perspective having an RYT500 sets you apart from the crowd. There are 70,000 teachers at the 200 hour level registered through Yoga Alliance, and in 2016, a Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal Survey indicated that there are two people in training to be a yoga teacher for every one teacher. Whew! That is a lot of yoga teachers! Having an RYT500 offers an important opportunity to deepen your study beyond the basics of a 200 hour training in order to distinguish yourself as a highly skilled practitioner and to set yourself up to succeed as a teacher.


Our culture, our world, needs people who know themselves and can lead others to do the same. For women, that deep sense of knowing inevitably invokes the feminine aspects of ourselves – the part that leads with the heart, listens to intuition, connects in community, and holds space for personal and societal evolution. This feminine wisdom lives within you and is a powerful source of strength that will support and nourish you.

Embrace Feminine Wisdom integrates the ancient teachings of yoga and mindfulness with our modern experience as women.


Deepen your practice and sense of purpose; advance your feminine leadership skills; and expand your heart and mind.



Take the next step.  You are ready for this!

For more information and to register, please send me an email.